EPIC group and AUW collaborate to empower women through education

Epic Group relentlessly strives to empower and elevate its female workforce through creative infrastructure for their development and career progression. We believe that the impact that education will have on women and, in turn, on their communities will be immense. Making strides in this effort, Epic Group and the Asian University of Bangladesh have entered a strategic collaboration to provide Undergraduate degree programs for our female associates and to develop them as future leaders.
Since 1984, Epic Group has been at the forefront of the garment manufacturing industry, leading with engineering and operational excellence, technology, design, and innovation to deliver a high-quality product to global brands and retailers. Epic Group conducts its business with an uncompromising commitment to the social wellbeing of its employees. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Epic Group operates in 11 locations in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, United Kingdom, and the USA, with a strength of 30,000 indivduals who work together to produce nearly 120 million garments annually.


Pathway to Promise:
In collaboration with Asian University for Women (AUW), Epic Group has taken the initiative which is called “Pathway to Promise” to select female associates from five of its entities to AUW for a five-year undergraduate program. AUW with its global reach and local expertise capitalizes on many years of exceptional proficiency in women’s education globally to provide the platform for this pioneering initiative, which will hope to see eventually five associates rigorously educated, trained, mentored, evaluated, and progress through the many leadership roles at Epic Group. Together, Epic Group and AUW are paving the future for Women’s Empowerment in Bangladesh through this education initiative.
Epic Group’s Founder and Executive Chairman Ranjan Mahtani said “By contributing to the decision-making in their fields, these educated women will then be able to improve the RMG industry from the inside and dismantle prejudice against women and the working class. These Pathways graduates will signal to the entire garments industry that a different, more sustainable, and ethical path is possible.”


About Asian University of Bangladesh
Asian University for Women (AUW) seeks to educate the next generation of women leaders. Here, merit and courage count for all. If an associate has the intellectual wherewithal, courage, and motivation, AUW will gladly welcome them and provide full academic, financial, and social support for their education. Since many students come to AUW without having had access to high-quality secondary schooling, AUW launched Pathways for Promise. AUW offers 5 years of student progression in which 1 year of Pathway to Promise (Pre Access-Program), 1 year of Access Academy (Pre-University Program). English, Mathematics, Leadership skills, Computer skills, soft skills, etc. will be taught during these two years and 3 years of undergraduate study. Pathways for Promise teaches students to communicate in English effectively and confidently through interactive teaching methods and a contemporary curriculum.
Learn more at Asian University for Women | AUW (asian-university.org)


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