Our Purpose

Epic’s Relentless Pursuit of Better

This attitude permeates every dimension of Epic’s operations, from product development, innovation and manufacturing processes, to the highest levels of social & environmental standards, and beyond.

This corporate philosophy acknowledges that there is no static measure of ‘best’ but rather a constant need to improve beyond today’s standards. And then to relentlessly push even further ahead to constantly raise the bar over that which has been achieved before.

We believe that tomorrow’s better will always beat yesterday’s best and this lies at the heart of our ongoing mission. It applies equally to our internal operations, employee welfare, social & community practices, as to our environmental, sustainability and ESG standards. In this way Epic has demonstrated consistent industry leadership by adopting ever higher standards across its triple bottom-line that exceed current industry norms and practices.

Our Better Stories. Let’s see the Relentless Pursuit of Better in practise.