Environmental, Social &
Corporate Governance


Epic’s overriding aim is to create healthy communities and prosperity for today’s and future generations. As such we are relentlessly committed to modifying our existing facilities and developing new ones in a sustainable manner to ensure we address economic, environmental, and social issues, and avoid the over consumption of key natural resources.

2019-2020 We reduced:

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Sustainable Fibers & Cotton

Since 2019 most of the cotton sourced by Epic Group has met the Better Cotton Initiative, or equivalent, standards.

We continually work with our suppliers to reduce upstream environmental impact by using ever more sustainable raw material products such as sustainably sourced cellulose fiber and pre and post consumer recycled cotton.

Recycled Polyester

In 2019 we used 700 tons of recycled polyester in our garments that came from 17.5 Million recycled plastic bottles that otherwise would have ended in the oceans or landfills.

Our commitment and efforts in sustainability have been recognized at Walmart’s 2020 Global Sourcing Sustainability Summit.

Monitoring Raw Materials

We carefully monitor the environmental performance of our upstream supply chain through Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Higg Facility Environmental Module assessment, which works with suppliers to improve their environmental performance.

Reducing Our Emissions

In Bangladesh, we have installed co-generation systems to reduce natural gas consumption and carbon emissions. Solar rooftops are planned for our Factories of the Future, along with other emission-reduction projects.

Water Reduction

To help us achieve ZDHC progressive/aspirational-level water discharge standards, we’ve entered into a strategic partnership with Arvind Envisol to boost our sustainable effluent treatment solutions.

Based on advanced membrane technology, this will allow us to reuse 30-50% of the water, and reduce our water footprint across half our manufacturing units.

Low-Impact Laundry

Yilmak Rainforest Jeanologia Ozone and Laser machines help us reduce water and chemical usage from bothour manufacturing and laundry processes.

Low-Water Denim

We are excited to be working with a customer to launch their first low-water denim program. This is a collaboration with Arvind Limited which produces an innovative denim fabric ‘Quantum Indigo’ using foam dye technology. The products are manufactured by EPIC with the use of laser, Ozone and Rainforest washing machines.