EPIC Group and BRAC collaborate to Empower Women through Education

18th October 2020 – Dhaka, Bangladesh. The focus on the growth of female leadership in the manufacturing industry offers a profound opportunity to foster cognitive diversity and gender equity in the workplace globally, thereby uplifting the quality of life for women, their families, and the communities where they live. Making strides in this effort, Epic Group and BRAC Bangladesh have entered into a strategic collaboration to build on the Epic Group’s leading position in ethical manufacturing, social sustainability, and thereby value creation for customers. Together, Epic Group and BRAC are paving the future for Women’s Empowerment in Bangladesh through a co-created technical and professional development initiative.

Since 1984, Epic Group has been at the forefront of the garment manufacturing industry, leading with engineering and operational excellence, technology, design, and innovation to deliver high-quality products to global brands and retailers. The group conducts its business with an uncompromising commitment to the social wellbeing of its employees. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Epic Group operates manufacturing facilities in 11 locations across South & Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa; and oversees presently the quality and welfare of 25,000 workers who produce nearly 90 million garments annually.

Epic Group has called on BRAC; with its global reach and local expertise, which capitalizes the many years of exceptional proficiency in skill and leadership advancements globally to provide the platform for this first-time pioneering initiative, which will hope to see over 500 employees rigorously trained, mentored, evaluated and progress through the many leadership roles at Epic.

“Epic Group’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Ranjan Mahtani, said “The welfare, equal treatment, and empowerment of women have always been at the core of EPIC’s values. We believe that partnering with BRAC will further develop our commitment to women; therefore, creating female leaders around the world and making us a supplier of the future”.

“BRAC since the inception of Bangladesh, continues to empower women and train them to adapt to new technologies to make them job-ready for future,” said Jenefa Jabbar, Director, Human Rights & Legal Aid Services and Social Compliance (Before joining BRAC, Jenefa worked for 23 years in the RMG sector).

The collaboration to accelerate Epic Group’s industry leadership in Women’s Empowerment through Education was launched on 18th October 2020.

BRAC is a global leader in developing and implementing cost-effective, evidence-based programs to assist the most marginalized people in extremely poor, conflict-prone, and post-disaster settings. These include initiatives in education, healthcare, microfinance, women and girls’ empowerment, agriculture, human and legal rights, and more. BRAC’s vision is a world free from all forms of exploitation and discrimination where everyone has the opportunity to realize their potential. Founded in Bangladesh in 1972, BRAC acts as a catalyst, creating opportunities for people to transform their lives. The organization has an annual expenditure of more than USD 1.1 billion, with the majority self-financed in Bangladesh from its enterprises and operates in 11 countries across Asia and Africa. Learn more at brac.net.

For further enquiries:

Jenefa Jabbar, Director, Human Rights, and Legal Aid Services & Social Compliance, BRAC email: jenefa.jabbar@brac.netwww.brac.net.