Epic Group’s New Factory GREEN TEXTILES LTD (UNIT 4) Achieves Highest LEED® Certification Rating in the World

February 23, 2023: Epic Group today announced that its new GREEN TEXTILES LTD (UNIT 4) (“GTL-4”) factory has been awarded the Platinum certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program, with the highest rating of 104 points out of a possible maximum score of 110. This makes GTL-4 the highest scoring LEED® certified new-built factory in the world.


“Epic Group is committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly operations, and this recognition of our GTL4 factory showcases that commitment,” said Ranjan Mahtani, Executive Chairman of Epic Group. “Achieving the highest LEED® certification with 104 points is a significant milestone, and we will continue to invest in green technologies and operations across all our facilities.”


LEED® is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Platinum is the highest rating in the LEED certification program, indicating the factory’s cutting-edge sustainable design and construction. and eco-friendly features.  Our GREEN TEXTILES LTD Unit 3 (“GLT-3”) also has achieved LEED® Platinum certification, and is recognized by the Bangladesh Government as one of the 10 Best Green Factories in Bangladesh.


The Certification

The facility boasts of an optimal design that integrates sound environmental principles with operational efficiency. In addition to high degree of energy efficiency, the roof hosts 733 kW of rooftop solar PV system that provides 60% of electricity required in the factory. Its low-use water fixtures are complemented by rainwater collection systems that reduces the water use. Facility provides a high degree of occupant comfort, that air quality, thermal comfort and natural lighting. The design and construction has been done by adding sustainable materials and environmental management practices during construction. It scored full points for site sustainability & water efficiency while scoring 32 out of 33 points on energy and emissions management.


Press release is available for download here.