New Manufacturing Unit in Bangladesh – GTL Unit 4

Epic Group announced in February 2022 that it will open a new manufacturing unit in Bangladesh – “GTL Until 4” within the premises of Epic Group’s Green Textiles Hub. This is not only allowing us to further expand our manufacturing capabilities and meet the growing needs of the global customers, but it also represents the next evolution in apparel production – a micro-factory of the future.

The new unit is designed and built on the principles of agile manufacturing processes with the tag line of “Morning Cut – Evening Ship”. A State-of-the-Art production facility with Mold Prevention Machines (MPM) and precision humidity-controlled final packing areas deliver the best quality product to the customers. The manufacturing process uses Lean philosophies, smaller sewing modules, shorter lead-times, and low work-in-progress. Also, technology and automation are designed for flawless execution in all the areas within GTL Unit 4, including automated fabric spreading and sewing machines, and cloud-based needle issuing trollies. A realtime production monitoring through a RFID based tracking system is featured throughout the manufacturing process.

Sustainability is at the top of everything we do. The factory roof installed 730 kW of solar panels providing 60% of the total electricity needs from solar energy, making our operations more sustainable through the reduction of our carbon footprint.

Advancing our commitment to support of women at Epic, GTL Unit 4 employs over 1300 workers, of whom over 75% are female. As female supervisors, they are exceptionally skilled with 75 days of training on every machine, in addition to both technical and soft skills to excel in their work. Other associates are also required to go through 30 – 45 days training. With Epic University, which is located next door to GTL Unit 4, we are committed to the building of the necessary skills for all new and existing associates.