Leading Apparel Suppliers Collaborate with GIZ FABRIC and Transformers Foundation to Release Groundbreaking Report on Sustainability-Related Legislation and its Impact on Global Apparel Suppliers & Beyond

Epic Group, Norlanka, Shahi Exports, and Simple Approach together with GIZ FABRIC and Transformers Foundation are pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive report on sustainability-related legislation and their implications for apparel suppliers and beyond. The report is a groundbreaking and unique collaboration amongst apparel suppliers. The report aims to provide valuable insights and guidance for companies operating in the apparel value chain, particularly those established or headquartered outside of the Global North.

Legislators in the Global North, including the EU, United Kingdom, and United States, are driving significant efforts to enact sustainability-related legislation. These laws have the potential to impact companies beyond their jurisdictions, making it crucial for businesses to understand their implications. The report analyzes the legislative landscape and helps suppliers navigate the changing requirements.

The report highlights the importance of determining whether companies are directly or indirectly in-scope of these legislations. It emphasizes that even indirect in-scope companies may still face significant impacts and potential legal liabilities. By engaging with the factsheets and compliance recommendations provided in the report, companies can proactively prepare for compliance and mitigate potential risks.

Key highlights and trends outlined in the report include increased demands for supply chain visibility and traceability, more stringent codes of conduct, heightened reporting requirements, and the need for suppliers to implement due diligence processes.

As a group, we encourage fellow suppliers to discuss the implications of sustainability-related legislation with their customers, allocate sufficient resources for compliance, and seek opportunities to engage with policy makers. The report emphasizes the importance of aligning sustainability policies and practices with the evolving legislative landscape to stay ahead in the industry.

Register for the launch webinar on August 1st:

APAC (Aug 1 @ 10am CEST) Registration here: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_IB5PGU_RQBCSscWEwWmvsg#/registration
North America & EU (Aug 1 @ 4pm CEST / 10am EST) Registration here: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_eXy1O0FZT8qBr3lLbHVEcA

For more information or to inquire about partnership opportunities, please contact: Kim van der Weerd at kim@transformersfoundation.org or Ilishio Lovejoy at ilishio@simple-approach.com