Navigating the Fabric of Change: Apparel Supply Chain Evolution

In an industry where complexity is woven into every thread, apparel supply chains are being reimagined. The conversation with Ranjan Mahtani on A Seat at the Table underscores a pivotal shift in our sector. As we stitch together speed, quality, and transparency, it’s clear that agility is no longer optional—it’s essential.

The Epic Group’s strategy offers a blueprint for what’s ahead:

✂️ Embrace high-tech, sustainable factories

🔗 Strengthen inventory management

👥 Prioritize worker engagement and satisfaction

📈 “Our expansion into India isn’t just about scaling production; it represents a strategic move towards vertical integration and tapping into burgeoning markets,” said Ranjan Mahtani, CEO Epic Group

🗣️ Ranjan Mahtani and host Jane Singer discuss how the power of collaboration and transparent, solution-driven approaches are setting the stage for the future of apparel sourcing.

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