Upgradation of Effluent Treatment Plant to meet the ZDHC’s aspirational discharge standards.

While the world is waking up to the commitment to climate change, Epic Group is in the relentless pursuit of achieving sustainable leadership and making this world a ‘better’ place. And, we firmly believe in demonstrating these commitments through our actions.
We completed upgrading our Effluent Treatment Plant at one of our facilities, to meet the ZDHC’s aspirational discharge standards. With this upgrade, the facility will be reusing 50% of its treated effluent back in the processes, significantly reducing its freshwater footprint, a critical need for Bangladesh which has a rapidly depleting water table that is expected to worsen in the years to come.
The ETP uses a combination of physio-chemical primary treatment and biological secondary treatment. After screening out solids, the primary chemical treatment removes part of the contaminants and the water is sent to the aeration tank where bacteria break down the balance contaminants. The Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) with MBR membranes with a cutoff of 0.03 microns, filter out impurities in the water. This water is further purified through a multigrade filter and an activated carbon filter. Finally, chlorination removes any harmful bacteria that may be present.
This installation, with an investment of US$ 1.5 million, will be the first of three; with the balance two to be completed in 2022.
To know more, please see the video: https://vimeo.com/673449502